The PREPARED project originated from the WSSTP (Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform) thematic working group Sustainable Water Management in Urban areas. WSSTP is a platform developed by the European Commission in 2004 and has the objectives to enhance competitiveness of the European water sector, to solve the European water problems and to contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The stakeholders in WSSTP together developed a common Vision Document for the whole European water industry and a Strategic Research Agenda.

Based on the work in WSSTP, PREPARED will include the outcomes and recommendations of the Strategic Research Agenda. The PREPARED project is part of the realisation of the SRA and exploitation will be done in line with the Implementation Plan of WSSTP.

The PREPARED project will confirm and demonstrate the technological preparedness of water supply and sanitation systems of ten cities in Europe to adapt to the expected impacts of climate change. PREPARED will show that the water supply and sanitation systems of cities and their catchments can adapt and be resilient to the challenges of climate change; and that the technological, managerial and policy adaptation of these PREPARED cities can be cost effective, carbon efficient and exportable to other urban areas within Europe and the rest of the world.

The PREPARED project will deal with early warning systems, as well as short- and long-term response strategies for urban areas. The technological and managerial response opportunities in the project are intended to be developed in the context of environmental, social and economic perspectives.

Due to the regional variability and severity of climate impact most adaptation measures will be taken at national, regional or local level.

  • PREPARED will address issues related to the management of water, waste water and storm water that are impacted by climate change both in quantitative and qualitative aspects.
  • PREPARED will address many of the Pan-European problems and will optimise, test and implement adaptive solutions that will contribute towards an integrated and coordinated approach at EU level.
  • PREPARED will work on adaptation strategies while at the same time considering and weighting the mitigation side of solutions. What PREPARED delivers should reduce the GHG emissions of the water and waste water sector. Minimise our carbon- and water footprint.
  • PREPARED will improve the EU’s resilience to deal with the impact of climate change.
  • PREPARED will contribute to Phase 1 of the EU’s framework approach by: contributing to the development of the knowledge base where it concerns the water supply and sanitation sector.
  • PREPARED will also contribute to the integration of adaptation strategies into EU policies. Priority will be given to adaptation measures that will generate net social and/or economic benefits irrespective of uncertainty in future IPCC forecasts. Priority will be given to measures that are beneficial for both mitigation and adaptation.


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