The main challenge for the city of Århus is the recreational area Lake Brabrand close to the city center that drains via the small river Århus to Århus harbour. The urban development in the area is rapid and will continue to be so in the coming years. The river and the harbour will also become important recreational elements. The water in the lake, river and harbour is adversely affected by CSOs, storm water drains and effluent from wastewater treatment plants. Efficient and flexible operation – especially during rainfall events- shall be secured by new integrated con-trol and an early warning system. This will improve the hygienic water quality also during expected climate change scenarios (intense rainfall and sea level rise). The demonstration will involve improved rainfall monitoring, integrated control of sewer and wastewater treatment plants and early warning of water quality in receiving wa-ters. Implementing the designed solution of sufficient basin volume, sufficient water quality through increased hydraulic capacity and disinfection at the wastewater treatment plant, taking into account challenges posed by climate change will produce excellent bathing water quality.

Demonstration managers: Lene Bassoe and Niels Einar Jensen Website: http://www.aarhusvand.dk.

WWTP Marselisborg and catchment

WWTP Aaby and catchment

WWTP Viby and catchment

PumpingStation Aaby Vest and trunk sewers

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