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DHI – Denmark


DHI is an independent research and consultancy organisation, formed by merging of the Danish Hydraulic Institute, and VKI - Institute for the Water Environment and the Danish Toxicology Centre, and its objectives are to build competence and promote technological development in areas relevant to water, environment and health. DHI has a total staff of approximately 800 (350 in Denmark where the head office is located), the majority of whom are professional engineers and scientists with post-graduate qualifications. DHI has been authorised as an Approved Technological Service Institute by the Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and is designated as a Collaborating Centre for the World Health Organisation, WHO, and for the United Nations Environmental Programme, UNEP, and as an Advisory Centre for the Global Water Partnership. DHI is a member of several international cooperating organisations – including the WSSTP, Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform. Every year DHI invests a considerable part of its resources in R&D to extend its knowledge in the various fields related to water, environment and health, in order to improve its consultancy services, reference material, software and hardware products and tools. Competencies include extensive physical/chemical and biological knowledge, numerical modelling, process optimization and control, environmental laboratories and scale model test facilities, field surveys, monitoring programmes, and institutional capacity building and training.

Contact person: Anders LYNGGAARD-JENSEN (Mr)




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