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Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH – Germany


The Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH (KWB) is an international centre for water research and knowledge transfer. It is a public-private partnership, founded in December 2001. The purpose of the KWB is the promotion of research and development in the field of water as well as the promotion of education. The KWB pursues non-profit purposes within the meaning of the German Tax Code. The shareholders are Veolia Wasser (50.94 %), the Berlinwasser Group (24.53 %) and TSB Technology Foundation Innovation Centre Berlin (24.53 %). The activities of the KWB GmbH are controlled by the 9 members of the supervisory board, representing public institutions and private sector. In cooperation with the actors of the Berlin water sector, including universities, research institutions, and small and medium-sized enterprises, KWB prepares and carries out major research projects with the financial support of its shareholders. The research activity is organised in three specialised departments: i) Sustainable use and conservation of groundwater resources, ii) Point & non-point source pollution control of surface water, and iii) Advanced and sustainable solutions for waste water treatment technologies. In 2008, KWB has reinforced its organisational capacity by establishing best practice in project management. The methods and tools implemented support the research groups in achieving the projects objectives in-schedule and within budget, and increase the value created by R&D.

Contact person: Ludwig PAWLOWSKI (Mr)




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