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Municipality of Oslo Water and Sewerage works – Norway


Oslo Water and Sewerage Works (VAV) ensure the drinking water supply and wastewater collection and treatment to the city's 550.000 inhabitants. It is a self-financing company within the municipality of Oslo. Oslo has a strong political strategy to meet the climate change up-front with robust technological solutions and an economic and administrative capability to make necessary investments and take up adequate technological developments. Thus, Oslo has major investments plans (250 MEuro over the next 5 years) to compensate for the major driving forces of change, namely climate change, ageing of infrastructure and migration. The political support also includes the ambition to participate and contribute internationally in meeting the new challenges that has already appeared and we are ready to use as well direct financial support as in-kind measures to support developments and take up new developments as pilot project. We have a tradition of quick uptake of new technologies and have already for many years provided financial and practical support for pilot investigations of new pipe renovation methods as well as condition monitoring technologies. Thus, we believe we have a competent organisation motivated to take up new technological developments as well as socio-economic challenges.

Contact person: Per KRISTIANSEN (Mr)




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