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S::can Messtechnik – Austria


S::can Messtechnik is an innovative enterprise located in Vienna. It was founded by 5 University researchers in 1999 and has now grown to a team of 30 people. S::can activities are related to the design, set-up and production of innovative instrumentation for continuous and reliable on-line monitoring of concentrations of substances contained in waters and other liquids. These monitoring systems are applied in the management of waters and in industrial processes, examples being the monitoring of environmental waters, alarm systems for (drinking) water sources and the monitoring and control of treatment systems for municipal, industrial and drinking waters. S::can instrumentation has gained highest international reputation during the recent years and demand is increasing sharply, with close to 2000 monitoring systems installed world-wide in a broad range of applications.

Contact person: Joep VAN DEN BROEKE (Dr)




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