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Water Department of Greater Lyon – France


The water management in the Greater Lyon is a public service. It provides drinking water and sanitation to 1 300 000 inhabitants in the 57 municipalities of the Greater Lyon. The Water Department is responsible for the transport and delivery of drinking water, it operates a 2700 km long sewer system collecting effluents from its 57 municipalities and from 27 other municipalities bordering its territory and it operates 9 wastewater treatment plants. The company consists of 630 people, mostly devoted to sanitation, also uses Suez and Veolia Water SDEI for the distribution of drinking water. Since 1975 the company is working with academia and engineering schools. The great Lyon and co-founder of GRAIE and the OTHU ( with an upgrade available for researchers, its books and measurement hardware.(Stations observation flows, a network of rain gauges, databases).

Since 1975 the Water Department is working in close collaboration with universities and engineering schools. The Greater Lyon is co-founder of the GRAIE (Rhône-Alpes Research Group for Water and Infrastructures, and of the OTHU (Field Observatory for Urban Water Management, For OTHU, the Water Department makes its facilities, data (raingauge network, monitoring stations, database …) and staff available for researchers and their research activities and defines jointly with academics the OTHU Operational Research Programme.

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