In the city of Eindhoven there is a close cooperation between the different players in the urban water cycle, city council, water board and water supply company. Challenges are addressed together and concern flooding due to heavy rainfall culminating in the inundation from surface water or by water on the street. The storm water capacity of the sewers is very limited and there is a lack of retention capacity in the surface water systems. In addition a quarter of the urban area is vulnerable to problems with high groundwater tables. After rainfall periods combined sewer overflows contribute to poor quality in receiving surface waters. In the demonstration activities Eindhoven will test the water cycle safety plan (WCSP) framework to identify risks in all parts of the water cycle in an inte-grated approach, also through innovative cooperation between the local stakeholders.

Undesired transitions of risk from one sub-system to another can thus be prevented and an optimal solution from the viewpoint of the total water cycle can be sought. In this respect WCSP stimulates the cooperation in the water cycle. Combining the modelling and monitoring data of all three utilities helps to f ind bet ter cl imate proof solutions.

Demonstration manager: Frank van Swol Website: http://www.eindhoven.nl.

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