Project Advisory Committee PAC

The project Advisory Committee consists of

  • Mike Farrimond WSSTP and UKWIR, United Kingdom
  • Mrs. Birgit Mendel (BMG Germany, regulator drinking water/ENDWARE)
  • Jan Cortvriend (EC regulator drinking water)
  • Mrs. Claudia Castell-Exner (DVGW, EUREAU expert drinking water)
  • Prof. Riku Vahala Professor water and waste water engineering Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (formerly chair WSSTP)
  • Mrs. Dr. Elena Toth, Assistant Professor, University of Bologna Italy
  • Prof.Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Head of Laboratory of Climate and Water Resources in the Research Centre of Agricultural and Forest Environment, Polish Academy of Sciences, Pzonań, Poland.

The main task of the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) is to provide strategic guidance and support to the project coordinator and project team to ensure that the results meet the project’s objectives. The responsibilities and duties of the PAC members shall be the following:

  • Reviewing the project outcomes and identify the strong/weak points with respect to the objectives of the projects and the applications of the results
  • Comment on the teams’ skills and the relevance of their proposals and actions
  • Link the consortium to other international research efforts;
  • Promoting the exposure of PREPARED activities.

To achieve the task, the PAC undertakes the following activities:

  • Attending the Project Steering Board meetings to give feedback on the results achieved in the previous year, the plans for the coming 18-months and other issues were feedback is needed;
  • Feedback about and linking PREPARED to international research, reports, conferences, etc. on the initiative of the PAC-member;
  • Ad-hoc feedback when requested by the project Co-ordinator Adriana Hulsmann (KWR Watercycle Research Institute the Netherlands) on various issues.

Mike Farrimond
United Kingdom

Birgit Mendel

Claudia Castell-Exner

Riku Vahala

Elena Toth

Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

Some of the consortiums partners
This project has received
funding from the European Union’s
Seventh Programme for Research,
Technological Development and
Demonstration under Grant
Agreement No 244232
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