Project Components

Activities of the PREPARED project are divided into four research areas responding to the needs of the specific city or utility for adaptation risk assessment and risk management, a tool box for real-time monitoring and modelling, an integrated real-time monitoring and management system and planning for resilient water supply and sanitation systems; an area which demonstrates the outcome of the research: utility alliances-test and demonstration of PREPARED climate proof solutions portfolio; helped by an area which develops methodologies to overcome barriers for adaptation: enabling change and an area disseminating the work done and the experience gained.

The eight Work Areas of the PREPARED project are:
Work Area 1: Utilities alliances – test and demonstration
Work Area 2: Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Work Area 3: Toolbox for real time monitoring and modelling
Work Area 4: Integrated Real Time Monitoring and Management Systems
Work Area 5: Planning for resilient water supply and sanitation systems
Work Area 6: Enabling Change
Work Area 7: Dissemination and Communication
Work Area 8: Coordination and management

Some of the consortiums partners
This project has received
funding from the European Union’s
Seventh Programme for Research,
Technological Development and
Demonstration under Grant
Agreement No 244232
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