Climate change is expected to cause water scarcity and extreme rain events in the Crimea. An increase in the average temperature will lead to higher water losses through evaporation in combination with a higher demand for water. In Simferopol the optimal allocation of limited surface water resources and management of water quali-ty and water quantity under competitive demand situations will be tested and demonstrated. Extreme rain events will result in higher risks associated with flooding and impacts on the water and wastewater infrastructure. Instruments for risk evaluation and prediction under various climate change scenarios will be demonstrated. The expected benefits are improved water supply during drought periods, financial savings and sustainable water use through more efficient operational procedures.

  • The improved water supply will pro-vide a more secure water supply to the 358,000 citizens of Simferopol but also to more than 20,000 inhabitants of the settlements and villages in the surround-ing areas.
  • The modernisation and rehabilita-tion of the Simferopol water infrastruc-ture will save approximately € 1.5 million per year in electricity costs and the im-plementation of integrated solutions and adaptation measures. Demonstration manager: Victor Popovych ( Web-site:
Simferopol reservoir for the water supply to the city
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funding from the European Union’s
Seventh Programme for Research,
Technological Development and
Demonstration under Grant
Agreement No 244232
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